BSA METEOR EVO .177 & .22                                                          £179.95

BSA Meteor EVO full power break barrel spring Air Rifle available in both .177 & .22 calibres. Ambidextrous Beech stock, Recoil absorbing butt pad, Cold hammer forged barrel, open sights and the ABT safety system which locks the barrel so it will not fire until closed. A very nice Gun.

BSA COMET EVO SILENTIUM .177 & .22                                     £154.95

BSA Comet EVO Silentium full power break barrel spring Air Rifle available in both .177 & .22 calibres. Ambidextrous synthetic stock, Recoil absorbing butt pad, Cold hammer forged barrel, open sights and the Silentium silencer that significantly reduces muzzle report..

BSA SUPERSPORT SE .177 & .22                                                    £229.95

BSA Supersport SE full power break barrel spring Air Rifle available in both .177 & .22 calibres. Ambidextrous Beech stock, Recoil absorbing butt pad, Cold hammer forged barrel, open sights and a two stage trigger. Excellent Hunting or informal target shooting.

BSA LIGHTNING SE .177 & .22                                                      £264.95

This rifle takes BSA's standard Spring Rifle to another level. First, the standard barrel is shortened to true carbine length, then fitted with BSA's superb Volumetric silencer. This drastically reduces the Lightning SE's muzzle blast while also providing a comfortable cocking grip.

With a balanced, ambidextrous beech stock which is enhanced with traditional chequering for maximum grip, no wonder the Lightning SE has become such a favourite with hunters and professional pest controllers worldwide.

BSA LIGHTNING XL SE .177 & .22                                                £309.95

The latest version of this phenomenally successful rifle raises the sporting performance bar still further, The Lightning XL SE provides all the power and accuracy required, using BSA's world renowned Cold Hammer Forged barrel, which is Made in Birmingham, England.

The XL SE's beautiful Beech stock, comes fully chequered for enhance grip in all weather conditions. The ventilated butt pad ensures maximum recoil absorption, whilst added to the appearance of these classic Sporter lines. The carbine barrel is totally sleeved by a slim line silencer and the enhanced adjustable trigger provides perfect control of every shot. This is the rifle for the sporting shooter that demands top performance and style.


BSA LIGHTNING SE GRT .177 & .22                                              £269.95

To create our new GRT Lightning SE, we have taken our successful Lightning model, added the SE improvements and finally exchanged the traditional steel main spring for Gas Ram Technology.

There are considerable benefits to the shooter of switching to a gas ram powered air rifle. The action of cocking the gun is smoother requiring the same pressure from the beginning to the end of the stroke; vibration when firing is reduced as the ram runs effortlessly down the cylinder and accuracy to target is improved as the pellet exits the barrel at greater speeds.

In addition, the new GRT Lightning SE has a volumetric silencer to reduce muzzle blast and Maxi-Grip scope rail for maximum dampening effect. The new adjustable two-stage trigger takes minimal pressure to fire and the newly designed chequered beech stock all adds up to an attractive, high performing package suitable for hunters and pest controllers.

BSA LIGHTNING XL SE GRT .177 & .22                                        £269.95

The GRT Lightning XL SE has all the new and improved features that its spring-powered sister has. A new two-stage trigger gives a crisp release with minimal pressure. A new stock has been designed with attractive chequering at the key touch points of fore-end and pistol grip. A slim-line silencer encases the barrel and reduces the sound of muzzle blast, whilst a ventilated butt pad ensures comfortable contact with the shooter's shoulder.

An addition to all these features the gas ram provides further benefits that enhance the shooter's experience. The gas ram does not vibrate when discharged resulting in less gun movement when the trigger is pulled; the pellet exits the barrel at a faster speed resulting in better accuracy; the gas ram has a greater life expectancy than a spring with less likelihood of performance deterioration through metal fatigue whilst the cocking action is smoother and more even.


BSA ULTRA JSR .177 & .22                                                             £384.95

The new BSA Ultra JSR Junior 10 shot Pre-Charged Air Rifle.

  • Bolt Action

  • On board Pressure Gauge

  • Cold Hammer Forged Barrel ½" UNF threaded barrel

  • Quick Fill pressure re-charge system

  • 6 ft / lb energy

  • BSA ‘Ultra’ trigger

  • Full Size Ultra synthetic stock can be fitted as your child grows

  • 10 shot .177 & .22 magazines

BSA ULTRA SE MULTISHOT .177, .22 & .25                                  £529.95


The BSA Ultra SE provides top spec' performance and unique handling qualities in a stylish, affordable package. Perfectly balanced and designed for fast target acquisition, the Ultra SE is purpose built to take your sporting shooting to an exciting new level. It's a lightweight stalker, a super-compact ratter, the ideal hide-hunting rifle and much, much more. It's the BSA Ultra SE – a genuine mini-supergun!


BSA SCORPION SE .177 & .22                                                           £599.95


The BSA Scorpion SE redefines the hunting carbine and moves the sporting rifle standard to a new level, giving serious shooters a package of features they could previously only dream of. With full power and match-level accuracy, this perfectly balanced rifle has handling characteristics that make fast target acquisition and total control second nature. The Scorpion SE becomes part of your shooting and will help you achieve your full sporting potential.

Designed and built in Birmingham, the Scorpion SE comes with passion as standard, because at BSA we are passionate about our guns and your shooting.


BSA R10 SE .177 & .22                                                            FROM £850.00

The R10 SE is the evolution of a classic that now gives 25% more shot count than before. With its new SE features such as multi-adjustable butt pad, a spare magazine and the creative customer configurable shroud (CCS), alongside the famous R10 classic lines, stock options, fine handling and above all the superb accuracy of this air rifle, the new R10 SE really gives a shooting experience that you can enjoy for years to come. 
Available in 4 stock options 3 calibres, left and right handed versions and ability to change from shrouded barrel to unshrouded – It really is your choice!

Black Synthetic-------£850.00

Woodland Camo------£850.00


Black Pepper----------£870.00

BSA R10 TH .177 .22                                                                            £970.00


Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the fabled BSA R10, the new R10 TH comes with a beautiful new thumbhole Minelli stock and our biggest shot count yet!

The new R10 TH stock is a mixture of the old and the new, with the traditional fore end of the current R10 but with a brand new Thumbhole grip along with an adjustable, soft touch covered wooden cheekpiece.

As well as this, the air capacity has been increased with a 280cc buddy bottle, this means that the shot count has increased to a massive 340 shots in .22 & 280 shots in .177.

Couple this with all of the SE features that you know and love, such as multi-adjustable butt pad, a spare magazine and the creative customer configurable shroud (CCS), alongside the famous R10 classic lines, stock options, fine handling and above all the superb accuracy of this air rifle.

The new R10 TH really is the only rifle you will ever need.

BSA SILVERSTAR .177                                                                       £589.95


It’s no secret that all BSA’s are renowned for their supreme accuracy and the Silver Star sporting target rifle (4.5mm) delivers nothing less.

The Silver Star PCP has been designed specifically for competition use and incorporates a host of features usually reserved for much higher priced guns. The incredibly accurate BSA cold hammer forged barrel adorns an attractive ambidextrous beech stock with laser chequering to the forend and pistol grip. Maximum ergonomics are provided by the height adjustable cheek piece and multi adjustable butt pad which allows for individual modification both vertically and to the length of pull. Cocking the rifle is achieved almost effortlessly by pulling the new BSA “T” handle bolt back and reinserting into the breach. Additional features include a two stage adjustable match trigger, on board pressure gauge and quick fill port.

The Silver Star’s most unique feature compared with other BSA models to date is its detachable air cylinder which is pre-set to one of two power levels. The cylinder can be supplied in either 6ftlbs or 12ft lbs allowing it to be used for both short and longer range competition. A second cylinder can be ordered as an additional accessory enabling the shooter to have both power levels available for the same gun. The cylinder can be easily removed for replacing with a different one although this isn’t required for refilling as charging can be completed via the quick fill port. 6ft lb versions come complete with high quality dioptre sights whilst rifles ordered in 12ft lbs configuration are supplied without the dioptre unit to allow a telescopic sight to be mounted. We’re confident you’ll agree the Silver Star is a stand out competitor that can improve your performance without damaging your budget!


  • Adjustable length of pull from 12 inch to 15.5 inch

  • Height adjustable comb piece

  • Ambidextrous straight-pull cocking system

  • Two stage adjustable match trigger

  • Ambidextrous stock

  • Cold hammer forged BSA barrel

  • Removable power configurable cylinder

BSA DEFIANT .177 & .22                                     RING FOR BEST PRICE


The "NEW" BSA DEFIANT bullpup is the direct result of our most exhaustive research and technologically advanced design process to date.

Employing state of the art equipment and under the watchful eyes of our award winning in-house design team the DEFIANT compact sporter has been forged in BSA’s now legendary Armoury Road premises in Birmingham, England.

The DEFIANT is not only BSA’s first bullpup venture but also our first ever side lever PCP model and arrives packed with features such as a supremely accurate enhanced cold hammer forged barrel, latest internal regulating system, the almost effortless ergonomic spring assisted side lever, integrated shroud and silencer, not forgetting 2x ten shot magazines and accompanying hard synthetic carry case.

As if all that wasn’t enough each Defiant is available in three different stock options, Walnut, Black Soft Touch or Black Pepper Laminate all produced by world renowned Italian stock manufacturers Minelli.

BSA DEFIANT - Dare to be Different!!